Migoto White 1 Gyuto 240mm
Migoto White 1 Gyuto 240mm
Migoto White 1 Gyuto 240mm
Migoto White 1 Gyuto 240mm
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Migoto White 1 Gyuto 240mm

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Hitachi White #1 Steel and soft iron cladding, forged by Satoshi Nakagawa, one of Sakai City's busiest and most well regarded blacksmiths. Nakagawa-san rose to fame as the protégé of the great Kenichi Shiraki, and in more recent years has taken up the mantle of this esteemed blacksmithing workshop. Nakagawa-san has honed his skills to be able to work with a wide range of steels, profiles and constructions - and has earned his well deserved reputation for forging and heat treating top quality blades.

Grinding has been done with a great degree of finesse by the legendary Kawakita Hamono, one of the most sought after sharpening workshops in Sakai.

This Gyuto has a slightly different blade profile compared to Nakagawa-san's standard Gyuto template. It has the tip sitting about 2mm lower, and a marginally flatter edge profile overall. The idea is to give it an even more comfortable feel on the board and to allow better use of the tip with minimal adjustment of the users elbow or shoulder. 

Kawakita-san's grind features a convexity that starts about halfway up the blade and seamlessly tapers towards edge. The outcome is a smooth performer that is very thin behind the edge yet has the adequate geometry to offer a degree of food separation and release. A well balanced Gyuto with the ideal dimensions suitable for being a great all rounder. A simple loose abrasive finish, paired with an Enju handle for a timeless aesthetic.

Nakagawa-san's White #1 core is very responsive on the stones, and can be easily sharpened to a refined edge that holds its bite very well.


Shirogami #1



Edge Length


Heel Height


Spine thickness at the Heel


Spine Thickness 10mm from the Tip





Octagonal Enju

*As each knife is made individually by hand, there may be some slight variance in the measurements. If you are concerned about the exact dimensions of the knife you will receive please feel free to contact us.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rich M.
One of my favorites

I have other knives forged by Nakagawa, which have all been great, but this particular one sharpened by Kawakita is on another level. It is extremely sharp out of the box, and the first cut I made with it was through a carrot and made me say "wow." The grind on this knife is just amazing and cuts through everything like butter. I'm 100% happy with this purchase and will keep my eye out for more Kawakita sharpened knives.

One of the best

I had acquired the 270 mm version of this gyuto secondhand (in new condition) and liked it so much that I grabbed this 240 mm one too (and the petty and sujihiki in this series). It is truly one of the best all around gyutos that I have ever used. Middleweight that is thin behind the edge and has a thin tip, but cuts with confidence like a heavier knife. Love the grind by Kawakita. Great fit and finish, balance, all-purpose profile. You will not regret getting one of these if you can (or pretty much any knife from Migoto, in my experience).

Nick Chapman
Fantastic knife

Profile, grind, fit & finish, performance: all brilliant.


Possibly the greatest gyuto ever made. No exaggeration whatsoever. Maybe the last knife you'll ever buy.

Otto G
Magic grind

I have had the privilege of having this knife on my rack for a few weeks now and I’m not sure this review box is big enough to capture all that I love about it. The grind is what stands out to me, it is absolute sorcery from Kawakita’s shop. It pulls off the near impossible of being super thin behind the edge which is what it resolves to after some beautiful convexity and a very subtle S grind. Cutting out all the jargon, it cuts through food with ghostly efficiency and separates cut ingredients at the same time. The profile is spot on with a nice long flat for the gruntier work and to prevent accordion cuts through stuff like celery. The tip is super thin for delicate work and speaks to the wonderful distal taper. The shipped edge is the best in the game and and you can tell an inordinate amount of thought, care and design has gone into execution of these. No surprise these are now sold out. They will sell out again quickly too when people realise what’s what.