Migoto Cutlery

Migoto Cutlery is a brand and retailer with a focus on kitchen knives, sharpening stones and culinary tools. We are based in Melbourne, Australia, a city which prides itself on being a gastronomic destination, housing a demographic of forward thinking Chefs, enthusiastic home cooks and discerning diners. We aim to provide our products and services to anyone who loves cooking and values the quality of their tools - not just within Australia, but to the world.

Increasingly, high performance kitchen knives are acknowledged as essential tools for preparing meals. A philosophy that stems from Japanese cuisine, many people around the globe now recognise the benefits of preparing ingredients using a knife made with high quality steel and a geometry suitable for the task. Food preparation becomes easier, quicker, more pleasurable, and the quality of ingredients are enhanced. The integrity of the shape of the ingredient and its cell structure are kept more intact. The impact is not only aesthetic, but can often affect flavour and taste. A well honed edge cuts cleanly, and the purposeful geometry of the blade allows the knife to move through ingredients smoothly. A well maintained knife will provide many years of service.

Our logo is an abstract cross between an Ouroboros and an Enso drawing. For us, this symbolises our never ending commitment to design, develop and provide products to the highest standard. We are constantly in collaboration with our craftsmen, manufacturers and suppliers who understand our commitment and vision. We are fortunate and grateful for their support, and we hope for all our customers to enjoy the benefits of their skills, experience and expertise.

Migoto "見事" in Japanese translates to Magnificent, Splendid or Beautiful. Our house brand Migoto 見事 will consist of knives that are not only visually beautiful, but most importantly, practical, and capable of performing to the standards of discerning users. Our knives are designed to be tools, and we hope for our products to enhance the kitchen experience for industry professionals and home cooks alike.

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44 Skyline Drive, Melbourne 3032