Migoto Cutlery Atoma #600 Diamond Plate

Atoma #600 Diamond Plate

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An electroplated diamond plate that will keep it's flatness almost indefinitely. The diamond particles wear slowly and are dispersed throughout the surface evenly. 

Size : 210 x 75 x 12

When the diamond particles on the surface become too worn for the plate to be used effectively, replacement sheets are available to be adhesively mounted on to the aluminium base of your old plate. 

This plate's recommended use is to maintain the surface of medium to fine whetstones. It is best used to remove rough scratches and recondition the surface of whetstones after coarse flattening. Also useful to create a slurry on medium to fine whetstones which can speed up the sharpening process, and in some cases improve tactile feedback. For lapping and creating a light slurry on hard and very fine natural stones, we recommend Atoma 1200 (which will be in stock soon).

We do not advise using this plate for sharpening kitchen knives. But if you choose to do so we recommend doing this together with a small amount of dish soap mixed with water, or other suitable cleansers or lubricants.